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1) What is the relationship between the emerging leadership theories? What do they have in common? In what ways are they different? Which leads to more effective leadership?

2) How might you compare servant leadership to other scholarly leadership theories and models of leadership?

3) What are the goals of transformational leadership and transactional leadership? Do they lead to the same results/outcomes in organizations?

4) When goals are met can the style of leadership utilized produce above and beyond expectations, meaning more than just the goals are met? And what style of leadership have you experienced that produces this extra above and beyond residual?

5) Sometimes a leader can seem to be transformational. However, upon deeper investigating you can see a pseudotransformational leader. The key is the leader's own interests are dominate in every decision. These folks pretend to be the transformational leaders. Have you met and worked with a pseudotransformational leader?

Reference no: EM1326894

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