Give the following cost data costs per unit labor 4

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Give the following cost data Costs /per unit labor . $ 4 Materials .5 Fixed cost . $ 12000 Determine the break even point in units if the selling price is $ 19.00 Determine the break-even point in sales at a selling price of $ 19.00 What would profits be if this company produced and sold ..1000 units ? 2000 units _______- 4000 units ______________ Given the above data what would the break even point ( in units and dollars ) be if u wanted a necessary after tax profit of of $ 36,000 ( assume a 30% tax rate ) Units ___ Sales dollars ______________ If variable costs drop by $ 4 add fixed costs rise by $ 12,000 and the price is reduced by competition to $ 15 calculate the bep Break even point sales ____________- units _____________ What would profits be at 4000 units _________ 5000_______ 10,000 units ____________ 

Reference no: EM13358654


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