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1. Conduct a field survey to find out why, despite the evidence that group brainstorming is less effective than solitary brainstorming, do organizations persist in using it as an idea-generating technique? Prepare a report contrasting advantages and disadvantages of both.

2. Give some examples of team failure. Identify the possible causes of communication and/or decision-making failure in each example, and list some measures that might have prevented problems from arising within each team´s communication system.

3. Give some examples of team mental models (ones you hold currently or have held in the past). Compare your model with some other people whom you survey and prepare a report.

4. Brainstorm some ways to ´redesign´ your office space (or an office space you have previously worked in) on paper, using virtual or flexible space and/or flexible furniture. How would this redesign enhance successful teamwork? Prepare a ´before restructure´ and ´after restructure´ comparison report.

Reference no: EM1333095


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