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Q1. "Read the "LAST word" feature on markets for human organs on Page 60 of your text. Next, select a social problem where free markets are not allowed to function also Elucidate how free market features could be introduced to help improve the problem. As your answer also include a discussion of the risks of introducing market mechanisms. Your answer should be approximately two pages long also in APA format. "

Q2. Having trouble with this question; If the Fed buys a T-bill from a commercial bank, Elucidate how will it pay for the T-bill?

Reference no: EM1315310


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  Graph the simplified version

The problem is that even though you have assigned values of a,b,c, SN thinks that f is also a function of t, for which you have not assigned a value.

  Aim of the washington agreement

A brief description of the historical context in which the Washington agreement arose. The aim of the Washington agreement with regard to government intervention in the economy.

  Illustrate what will the effect be on equilibrium output

If the government purchases also taxes are both increased by $100 billion simultaneously illustrate what will the effect be on equilibrium output.

  Ending of company prepayments

The ending of company prepayments balance is expected to be the same as its beginning prepayments balance.

  Exchange rate for a ton of cereal

In country B the opportunity cost of 100 gallons of beer is 0.95 tons of cereal. Both countries can experience gains from trade if the exchange rate for a ton of cereal is 96 gallons of beer

  Effect on gold consumption and mining

What is now the effect on gold consumption and mining of an increased use of gold as money.

  Loved one child more than the other

Gary has two children, Kevin and Dora. Each one consumes "yummiest" and nothing else. Gary loves both children equally.

  Trade as well as comparative advantage

Enlighten these concepts in terms of specialization, opportunity cost, trade as well as comparative advantage.

  Farming production function

Assuming that land and labour are complements in a farming production function, what would happen to the wages earned by workers and the rents earned by landowners in Texas.

  Marginal income product of hiring one low-skilled worker

Illustrate what is the marginal income product of hiring one low-skilled worker to clear woodland for one month.

  Money is a unit of account

Identify three roles for money: money is a unit of account, a store of value also acts as a medium of exchange.

  Workers should the firm employ to maximize profits

Illustrate what is the minimum product price at which the firm will operate in the short-run. Elucidate how many workers should the firm employ to maximize profits.

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