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Focusing on the material related to team building, compare and contrast this MGMT591 session with a team that you are familiar with. In what aspects does the class resemble a team? Are there parallels between the stages of team development and the progression of our class? What type of team formation is going on in this classroom? Does the notion of social loafing apply to our class in any respect?

Please be specific in your examples, and support your opinion with evidence from the text.

Question: "There are definitely times when I have seen that in group projects done at school people tend to have to carry the weight of those who are not strong in areas." It is best to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each member and to then assign tasks that cater to their strengths. This should be done in the very beginning of the assignment as members get to know each other.They leader should ask each member what their strengths are. Do you have any other suggestions for assigning duties?

Please make sure 50% of your post is your original work

2-"Help! I have just been assigned to head a new product design team at my company. The division manager has high expectations for the team and for myself, but I have been a technical design engineer for four years since graduating from college. I have never managed anyone, let alone led a team. The manager keeps talking about her confidence that I will be very good at creating lots of teamwork. Does anyone out there have any tips to help me master this challenge? Help!"

-You immediately start to formulate your recommendations. What are the three key things you will advise her to do, and why those three first?

A great team leader will wear many hats.

Question: What do you feel are some of the traits and skills that make a good leader a success in the team environment?

Can such skills be learned?

Please remember the 50% rule

Reference no: EM13840522

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