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Consider following statements-

double num1, num2, num3;
int int1, int2, int3;
double value;
num1 = 5.0; num2 = 6.0; num3 = 3.0;
int1 = 4; int2 = 7; int3 = 8;

and the process heading-

public static double cube (double a, double b, double c)
Which of following statements are valid? If they are invalid, explain the reason?

(a) value = cube (num1, 15.0, num3);

(b) System.out.println (cube(num1, num3, num2));

(c) System.out.println (cube(6.0, 8.0, 10.5));

(d) System.out.println (num1 + " " + num3);

(e) System.out.println (cube(num1, num3));

(f) value = cube(num1, int2, num3);

(g) value = cube(7, 8, 9);

Reference no: EM132980


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