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A.) I need help with my Statistics homework please.

The questions goes as follows:

Find the probability and interpret the results. If? convenient, use technology to find the probability.

The population mean annual salary for environmental compliance specialists is about ?$60,000. A random sample of 41 specialists is drawn from this population. What is the probability that the mean salary of the sample is less than ?$58,000? Assume σ=?$5,700.

The probability that the mean salary of the sample is less than ?$58,000 is ____ ?(Round to four decimal places as? needed.)

B.) Now find the? z-score for the value x=58,000

Substitute the appropriate values into the equation and simplify to find the? z-score.

C.) Use the probability to determine whether or not a sample mean of less than ?$58,000 is an unusual event

Reference no: EM132012152


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