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Q. The scores on a university examination are normally distributed with a mean of 62 and a standard deviation of 11. If the top 10% of students are given A's, what is the lowest mark that a student can have and still be awarded an A?

A. 63.28  B. 70.97  C. 76.08

Q. A sample was taken of the salaries of 20 employees from a large company. The following are the salaries (in thousands of dollars) for this year (the data are ordered).

28 31 34 35 37 41 42 42 42 47 49 51 52 52 60 61 67 72 75 77

Suppose each employee in the company receives a $3000 raise for next year (each employee's salary is increased by $3000). The interquartile range of the salaries will 

A. be unchanged.  B. increase by $3000.  C. be multiplied by 3000.

Reference no: EM137663

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