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Can you find statistical support in this poll for that statement?

Also included in the aforementioned NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll was the following question. See the note mentioning this statement was asked of only half the 1,000 respondents in the June, 2008 poll.

When it comes to the war in Iraq, which of the following statements comes closer to your point of view?

Statement A: The most responsible thing we can do is find a way to withdraw most of our troops from Iraq by the beginning of 2009.

Statement B: The most responsible thing we can do is to remain in Iraq until the situation in the country is stable.







Statement A/withdraw most troops by 2009---- 






Statement B/remain until the situation is stable--- 






Not sure






Asked of one-half the respondents (FORM B).
+Results shown reflect responses among registered voters.

A notable TV commentator has stated that the proportion of likely voters in June, 2008 who agree with Statement B is more than 50%. Can you find statistical support in this poll for that statement?

Reference no: EM1316462


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