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1. Do you think it is important to decrease the extreme amount of money wasted on holiday decorations? Is an example of a __ question?

2. The survey method:

3. Content analysis and systematic observation are similar in that both: some sort.

4. Which of the following statements is least likely to be correct regarding case studies?

5. Sarah stands outside of a grocery store on the west side of town and surveys exiting shoppers about their preference for frozen desserts. What type of sampling technique does Sarah's survey represent? A response set

6. In survey research, when individuals tend to respond to all questions from a particular perspective rather than to the content of the question, they are displaying:

7. According to Jourard the social desirability response set can be reduced by:

8. On a survey Gerald answers questions using a consistent pattern of answers: first a, then b, followed by c. This pattern of answering questions is an example of:

9. In a systematic observation study, two different people use the coding system to analyze the same videotape. The level of agreement between the two observers is then determined. This activity addresses which methodological issue in systematic observation?

10. Joanne and Peter are conducting a systematic observation study on children's aggressive playground behavior. Joanne concludes that boys display more aggressive behaviors than do girls. Peter concludes the opposite. Based on these conclusions which methodological issue would be of most concern in this study?

11. As people exit the voting booth they are asked how they voted on the various propositions on the ballot in order to predict election outcomes. This sampling method is called __ sampling. purposive

12. The Wayne city council members should not be allowed to vote on increases in their pay is an example of a __ question.

13. To test the hypothesis that younger people are more opposed to the use of nuclear energy than older people, the best method would be a (n

14. In systematic observation studies reliability is indicated by:

15. The question proposition Q proposes an increase in property tax to fund road improvement: do you agree with this proposition? Illustrates which principle of question construction?

16. Survey archives are beneficial because:

17. The goal of naturalistic observation is to:

18. A researcher wants to gather information on citizen's feelings about the buildings of a new airport in their neighborhood. She gathers groups of citizens and engages them in a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed airport. This type of data gathering would best be referred to as a __ approach. Qualitative

19. A researcher wants to study math achievement in sixth graders. The researcher obtains a list of all elementary school districts in the state randomly selects 5 percent of the districts and administers tests to all sixth graders in these districts. This sampling method is called __ sampling. Cluster

20. Dr. P who belongs to Alcoholics Anonymous conducts naturalistic observation research during AA meetings, Dr, P is a __ observer.

21. Harvey examines baseball records to determine whether National League teams who play the final game of the World Series at home lose more often than American League teams. Harvey is using which of the following archival research approaches?

22. Before recording any behaviors displayed by children in a third-grade classroom, Emeril visits the classroom continually for three weeks. Emeril's visitations will help lessen.

23. In general the lower the response rate for a survey the:

24. To determine if more building permits are issued in the northern part of the county than in the southern part of the country. William examines the number of budding permits issues in both countries over the last five years. William is using which of the following archival research approaches?

25. Dr. Stanley examines messages displayed on internet bulletin boards in order to study whether males and females differ in the types and number of characteristics they use when describing themselves. What type of archival research data is Dr. Stanley using?

26. Open ended questions are more __ than close ended questions.

27. Which method of choosing a sample of 10 people from a population of 100 is least likely to result in a random sample?

28. A __ is a type of case study in which research applies psychological theory to explain the life of an individual.

29. When interviewing Sarah, John nods his head and smiles whenever Sarah responds with an answer that he likes. Johns behavior is an example of

30. Case studies are most useful for studying:

31. A researcher studies letters to the editor to assess community attitudes. The researcher is using: written records

32. On a survey Judd is asked to indicate his age gender and marital status. These items best represents which type of survey questions?

33. George wants to know what teenagers believe is the most significant social problem facing today's youth. Which type of question would be the most useful?

34. Vendors on a college campus who are selling memberships to a local gym are most likely taking advantage of __ when they stop certain individuals..

35. The sampling __ is the actual set of people who might be included in the sample after the population is defined. Frame

36. Students are asked to evaluate the food sold in the university cafeteria on 7 point scales with bipolar adjectives such as poor good and inexpensive. These measures represent what type of scale?

37. A researcher examines the accounting records of the Noreen Corporation for the past five years in order to determine why the company filed for bankruptcy. This research method would best illustrate.

38. Which one of the following is a probability sampling technique?

39. __ indicates the amount of deviation in results obtained from a sample compared to the true population value.

40. Are you in favor of programs designed to help lower the unreasonably high rent in the county? Is an example of a question?

Reference no: EM13918159


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