Explaining the parenting plans by jurisdiction

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Determine how the courts of your state of residence (California) view parenting plans. In a well-written memo, set forth the law of your jurisdiction which deals with the issue of whether the family courts consider the parenting plan as a general guide, or whether it is generally incorporated into the court's order. Do the courts of your jurisdiction require a parenting plan? If your state does not require a parenting plan, how does it deal with this issue? Additionally, if your state does not require a parenting plan, take a look at how a neighboring state views parenting plans for comparison. What is your opinion of your states views on parenting plans? If you looked at more than one state, which state has the better procedure, in your opinion? Make sure to include your references with your paper. A minimum of 2 outside sources must be used. This assignment should be approximately 3 pages in length.


Reference no: EM1326531

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