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An octapeptide was hydrolyzed and the amino acids separated. It was found to have the following amino acid composition: Gly (1); Ala (2); Val (1); Lys (2); Met (1); Asp (1). After incubation with FDNB and hydrolysis, 2,4-dinitrophenylalanine was detected. Treatment with cyanogen bromide, which cleaves at M, resulted in two fragments: a pentapeptide containing two K residues and a tripeptide containing V, G, and A. (The residues are not listed in any particular order.) After treatment with trypsin, which cleaves at R and K, there were 3 fragments: two dipeptides and MGAV. What is the sequence of the peptide? Use the one-letter abbreviations for the amino acids, and do not use dashes.

Reference no: EM13149488


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