Explain the term upper limb disorders

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(a) Critically discuss how ergonomics can improve health and safety in the workplace. Support your answer with appropriate examples

(b) Describe four ways in which ergonomic problems can be identified in the workplace and suggest ways to tackle them once they have been identified

(c) Describe four typical ergonomic problems usually found in the workplace


(a) Explain the term "Upper Limb Disorders"

(b) Describe seven main factors that are likely to increase the risk of upper limb disorders at work and suggest ways for reducing the risks to an acceptable level.


(a) Outline the factors that should be considered while choosing an ergonomic chair

(b) Describe the steps involved in safe manual handling

(c) Outline the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 2005 with regard to manual handling operations


(a) Describe the hazards to be considered when conducting a manual handling assessment and suggest ways of reducing the risk of injury

(b) Identify six key principles in the design and development of systems and services at work.


Critically discuss the factors that should be considered while conducting a Display Screen Equipment risk assessment.

Reference no: EM132404


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