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-"Protein X" is a protein that is destined for secretion at the plasma membrane of one of our cells. Show the cellular transport of this protein from the ER/Ribosome to it's eventual secretion at the membrane. Be sure you describe the cellular structures involved in this process at each step, the types of modifications/alterations that can be made to the protein, and any major proteins or complexes that may play a specific role in mediating the process of transport.

- Show the structures and processes involved in the selective retention of a protein. Make sure you explain the sequences or features of a protein that will undergo this process and how the function to specifically target a protein for retention.

- Explain the main types of extracellular signaling. Give a detailed example for each type and the functional effect you example has in our system (How does this particular molecule/protein signal/hormone, what it interacts with, and what is the function it triggers?)

-Discuss PI3K-AKT signaling and how it generates "cellular stimulation" for cells to survive, develop, and grow. Be sure to explain the known components of this signaling pathway from the initial signal at the membrane to the "cellular stimulation" within the cell that triggers cellular proliferation.

Reference no: EM132085

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