Explain the kantian arguments denis arnold and norman bowie

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Where essay/short answer questions are used, you are expected to provide in-depth responses to the questions. Read each question carefully and respond to each part thoroughly (500-700 words). Use your own understanding of the topic from your text and outside resources. Feel free to use your book and classroom materials; however, make sure you support all answers with research and follow the APA format. Proper citation and references in APA 6th ed. format are expected and required.

Be sure to save your work as you go. Only submit when you have finished the exam, and want to turn it in for grading. You will only be allowed to submit once.

WARNING: Cite all sources used in your responses. Any instance of plagiarism can have detrimental consequences on your exam grade and/or final grade. No more than 10% of your writing should consist of quotes from other sources. The vast majority of your work should be your own original analysis. Paraphrase what you read instead of quoting. Also, review plagiarism.org, as this shows that a paper that consists of quotes strung together is not original and is plagiarism. Using too many quotes will bump you into this category.

1.The right to refuse workplace hazards has a fundamental conflict with the ability of a business to operate effectively (if employees refuse to work there can be no production). How should these competing interests be balanced? Support your position with appeals to ethical theories.

2. Smith argues that there are valuable moral distinctions between direct, indirect, active, and passive violations of human rights. Do these distinctions make sense to you? Do you believe that corporations who merely follow the dictates of an authoritative figure are absolved of much of their moral culpability, even if their compliance knowingly leads to violations of human rights?

3. Explain the Kantian arguments Denis Arnold and Norman Bowie use in "Sweatshops and Respect for Persons" to support the claim that MNEs have duties to ensure that their off-shore contract factories meet minimum safety standards and provide a living wage for employees. Explain Ian Maitland's argument that improving health and safety conditions and improving wages will cause greater harm than good. With whom do you agree more? Explain.

4. What potential benefits do you see as important in integrating different groups that are targeted under affirmative action policies? Are these benefits sufficient to justify affirmative action policies? Why, or why not?

5. Advertising to children in school is morally objectionable to many people. Some of the reasons used to criticize

Reference no: EM13897584

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