Explain the economic price for the customer is indicated

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1. Read the case study.

2. In a Word document, respond to the following:

a. If you were Waldorf, would you change the pricing strategies based on the perceptions of the consumers as well as the growing threats of the competition? If so, what would you do and why?

b. Looking at the case study and the exhibits at the end, what are the components of pricing for eHarmony?

c. The economic price for the customer is indicated in the exhibits. However, the price must match the costs for the customer. What are the perceived benefits and costs? How can the business improve the perceived value of its product?

d. eHarmony uses the Internet as its primary channel. Could eHarmony move out of this channel, adding another? If so, what would this look like?

3. Your responses to each question should reflect the knowledge you have acquired through your readings, module themes, and your own research.

a. Use this information in your discussion and analysis to support your opinions.

b. Any readings you use to support your opinions must be credible and properly cited according to APA guidelines

Reference no: EM1362003

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