Explain revenue cycle - accounting information systems

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Explain Revenue Cycle - Accounting Information Systems

Research the fundamental processes that occur within the revenue cycle and AISs. These include the following:

- Budget and sales projection programs

- Sales recording and tracking systems

- Services needed for your company Web site (such as Web design and hosting services)

- Marketing software or services

- Any software needed for customer support (such as appointment scheduling or customer survey results tracking)

Analyze how the given fundamental processes will support revenue-generating activities for your company.
The company I chose is home based cake decorating.

If your company will sell its products or services through the company Web site, determine any e-commerce software or services that will be needed. If you are using a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) package, such as SAP, specify and describe which modules will be used that are related to the revenue cycle

Reference no: EM1323738

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