Explain marketing plan for arimount deodorant products

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Explain Marketing Plan for Arimount Deodorant Products

Creating a comprehensive marketing plan, using one of the product scenarios below. You will choose one scenario, and use it throughout the entire course. Within each unit you will be asked questions, and based on your company (chosen from the list below) and previous decisions you have made, you will add the additional information to your marketing plan. It is highly recommended that you submit each unit's assignment on a timely basis in order to receive feedback from your instructor. You will need your instructor's feedback at the end of the course to put your revised components together to create the comprehensive marketing plan.
In the business environment, professionalism is very important, so make sure your plan is presented in a way that positively reflects you and the company you work for. Being involved in projects of this nature in the corporate world provides promotional opportunitiesâ?"a successful completion of this project could earn you the title of Vice President of Marketing. It is suggested that you use Microsoft Word to create your marketing plan, but the style and layout you choose to use is up to you. Make sure your plan is grammatically correct, addresses the key ideas from each unit, and incorporates all of the required components.

1. Arimount, a well-known beauty and grooming company wants to launch a new deodorant product. The company's development and research department has created a new chemical that will allow deodorants to work for up to 5 daysâ?"even after showering. Arimount has been in the hygiene market for 20 years with an average return on investment. They would like to top the market share with this innovative product.

Create a name for the product you choose, and create the following components of a marketing plan for the next year.
The marketing plan should include:

1. Situational Analysis

2. Marketing Strategy

3. Financials

4. Controls

The situational analysis must include (but is not limited to) a SWOT analysis and information about the top three competitors. Competitor information should be based on research of real companies who could compete with this product. Support your data with sources no more than five years old. You will be creating the financial information for your company yourself.

Reference no: EM1334944

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