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Q. InterfaceGlobal.com : Look at the InterfaceGlobal.com website and then write a (4-5) four- to five-page APA formatted paper regarding Ray Anderson’s influence on the Interface, Inc. organization

Consider the subsequent questions as a guideline:

• Illustrate what were Ray Anderson’s mission and vision?

• Can an industry that employs 4,000 people be entrepreneurial? Explain how?

• Explain how did the organizational structure change?

• Illustrate what kind of evidence do you have that the industry tried to link work to organizational goals, to allow members to choose methods and to encourage self- leadership? Explain how.

• Did Ray take into account cultural differences and values?

• Did he delegate work effectively and empower others?

• Illustrate what mentoring occurred?

• Illustrate what evidence do you have that he is an effective succession planner?

• Illustrate what is different in this industry as a result of Ray Anderson’s influence?

• Has the mission of the industry changed as a result? Explain how?

Reference no: EM13109152


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