Explain finding the critical path and project duration

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Explain Finding the Critical Path and Project Duration

The construction of a cottage requires the performance of certain tasks. The following table lists the various tasks with their priority relationship.

Activity o m p Predecessors
A 8 10 12 None
B 6 7 9 None
C 3 3 4 None
D 10 20 30 A
E 6 7 8 C
F 9 10 11 B,D,E
G 6 7 10 B,D,E
H 14 15 16 F
I 10 11 13 F
J 6 7 8 G,H
K 4 7 8 I,J
L 1 2 4 G,H

a. Calculate slack for each activity.

b. What is the critical path?

c. What is the project duration?

d. Determine the probability that the project will be finished in 80 days or less.

Reference no: EM1334839

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