Explain designing technologies

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Explain Designing Technologies

1. Discuss why interfaces need to be transparent and adaptable to their users.


2. Using the list of addresses in the Appendix B, browse the World Wide Web for two articles. Include the URL addresses to identify your sources.

a. Select a news article or product review that discusses an emerging information technology. Discuss the content of the article, demonstrating how it relates to the technology. What type of technology was addressed in the article? What is its function and benefit or impact?

b. Select an article that reflects a case study on or web site of a company that effectively facilitates building relationships between business partners, customers, and/or suppliers. Discuss the content of the article, demonstrating how it relates to the topic.

Professional Development

1. Discuss whether your organization employs an open system or closed system in its application of information technology. Discuss the benefit of open systems to the organization.

Issues to Consider

1. There are a number of ways the electronic commerce is disruptive to merchants and continuous to consumers. Explain why. Support your response with experience.

Reference no: EM1326690

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