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Explain Design of New Beverage Packaging

Make recommendations to your team about the design of BevCo's new fruit juice beverage packaging. Base the packaging design on what you know about consumer research and the target market (see below) you have chosen. What colors and types of graphics would you suggest? What type of container and shape would you recommend? What recommendations would you make so that the product and its packaging appeals to the consumer "innovator" or opinion leader to help ensure high trial levels? Use the text as a guide and examples of other products that appeal to the same target market you have chosen (e.g. the razor that appeals to women through product design, shape, color).

FYI Only: Target market are those in or nearing retirement.

I previously recommended the type of advertising that will appeal to both of these age groups would be to use athletes, coaches, CEOs, and actors who have retired or are nearing retirement. They can be shown in ads as feeling and looking vibrant and sexy doing such things such as exercising, dancing, traveling, volunteering, etc. Like Gatorade, we could package cold single-serve containers and target nursing homes and health clubs. We also know that adult children are living in the home with their parents a lot longer and that grandparents and great grandparents are more likely to baby sit a grandchild. So our fruit juice would gain support for the younger generation by word of mouth.

FYI: BACKGROUND ON BevCo: Your company, a large multinational food and beverage corporation, is aggressively pursuing the development of a new beverage. The fruit juice-based beverage contains ingredients that some members of the population perceived as a health benefit. As one of BevCo company's top market research directors, responsible for consumer behavior studies, you are called upon to contribute to the marketing team that will develop the new product. In addition to creating the product and packaging, you and the marketing team will develop the advertising and promotional campaign. Your team consists of a brand manager who leads the team in product development, an assistant brand manager, a food product engineer, and a packaging manager. The company's advertising and promotion agencies will also be anxious to hear your ideas on how to most effectively market the product and to whom. BevCo's senior managers are eager to introduce the product into the marketplace as its major competitor is already test marketing a similar product. The competitive product is currently targeted to young, athletic-oriented males. Thus far, the competition seems to have achieved some success based on early market data. The pressure is on you and the marketing team to create a new beverage and marketing plan based on solid, tested consumer research.

Reference no: EM1337574

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