Explain creating a business

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Explain Creating a business

Imagine that you own a small local clothing store along the jersey shore boardwalk and decide that you want to engage in e-commerce

Imagine that someone has offered you $1,000 to buy your domain name shortly after your started your business online

The e-commerce software you will be using must provide a catalogue display, shopping cart capabilities and transaction processing the convenience and usability for the customer are benefits of these functions. how each of these functions could be beneficial to your business

Develop a web marketing strategy for your company including the following identify the market segments you will target, how you will reach that segment, and explain how you will advertise on the web

Reference no: EM1324135

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Explain creating a business : Explain Creating a business and imagine that you own a small local clothing store along the jersey shore boardwalk and decide that you want to engage in e-commerce
Decisions about computers and how companies make : Differences between how individuals make and carry out decisions about computers and how companies make
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Selection of ceo fo company : What is meant by term employee engagement? We are wrapping up this course but this is the significant topic of study.


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