Explain country risk and strategic planning

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Explain Country Risk and Strategic Planning

I have to do a country risk analysis for my global business venture. The country is Mexico. The service being ventured is a resort. I have to analyze the country risks involved in this venture. I have to analyze:

1) Political/legal/regulatory risks

2) Exchange and repatriation of funds risk

3) Competitive risk assessment

4) Taxation and double taxation risks

5) Market (4 P's) risk

6) Distribution/supply chain risks

7) Social/cultural risks

8) Cyber/technology

9) Physical environment

I also need to describe how to manage these risks

"I also need to do the following information separated from the above"

I need to summarize my strategic planning process:

1) Define/clarify mission and objectives

2) Assess internal/external environment (SWOTT)

3) Consider alternative strategies using competitive analysis

4) Make strategy selection

5) Select and justify and appropriate mode of entry for my global service

6) Implement strategy

7) Control and evaluation

8) Devise contingency plan

Reference no: EM1329369


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