Explain angidynamics e-commerce internet strategy

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Explain Angidynamics e-commerce internet strategy

E-commerce is the trend that most companies are going toward now a days. You are to select one business that does not already employ e-commerce and develop an Internet strategy for it. Most of the big corporations already use the Internet for business so you may have to think of something on a smaller scale, for example a local bike store by your house. Use the Internet and the library to research and analyze markets and competitors.

Selected business: Angidynamics

1.What Internet business model would be appropriate for the company to follow in creating a Web site and why?

2.In what ways can the company benefit from a Web site? What functions should it perform for the company (i.e., marketing, sales, customer support, internal communications, etc.)?

3.In what other ways might the company use the Internet for its own benefit?

4.Prepare functional specifications for the company's use of the Web and the Internet. Include links to and from other sites in your design.

5.Prepare a list of technological specifications for implementation (i.e., what hardware and software are necessary to support your design)?

Reference no: EM1324303

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