Explain and demonstrates toys r us marketing principles

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Explain and Demonstrates Toys R US marketing principles

Please provide illustrative materials to demonstrate marketing principles that Toys R Us is following.

1) Recalling that promotion includes: Advertising, Personal Selling, Publicity, and Sales Promotion, describe the PROMOTIONAL MIX of Toys R Us

2) Analyze the promotion of Toys R Us relative to your products and markets as if you were making a report to management. Be as specific as possible and be sure to draw on the description of the INTEGRATION and of the MARKETING MIX..

3) Briefly (1-4 paragraphs), explain if and/or how Toys R Us has COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE in PROMOTION? If it does not have competitive advantage in promotions, explain why it doesn't have that advantage.

Please remember: Competitive advantage must be specific; that is, directed toward each competitor. A simplistic example is that Burger King may have competitive advantage over KFC in terms of advertising, but it does not have competitive advantage over McDonald?s. Of course, you would elaborate more and explain why Toys R Us does or does not have competitive advantage in promotion relative to each particular competitor.

Reference no: EM1326444


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