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1. Where does translation Occur?

A. In the nucleus

B. Cytoplasm

C. On the DNA

D. None of Above

2. (Select the correct answer) With respect to amino acid:

A. Our body cannot synthesize any amino acid

B. There are amino acids that need to be consumed in the diet or we will see deficiency symptoms.

C. In the field of nutrition, there is no such thing as a dispensable amino acid.

3. Ashar lives in a 3rd world country and consumes only porridge to meet his body's energy needs. He has adequate body fat, but his belly is swollen due to his inability to regulate water balance. He is likely:

A. Suffering from Kwashiorkor

B. Exhibiting signs of marasmus

C. Starving to death

D. All of the above are true

4. Which of the following contains 36 calories?

A. 9 grams of protein

B. 8 grams of carbohydrate fat

C. 4 grams of fat

D. All of the above

E. Only A and C

5. A healthy 110lb female would need approximately __g of protein per day.

A. 40

B. 50

C. 80

D. 110

6. For most individuals, ____% of the body is made of protein and ___% of dietary calories should come from protein.

A. 15, 8.5

B. 15, 15

C. 30, 15

D. 30, 30

7. Match the food with the correct term

Incomplete Protein          

Incomplete Protein           

Complete protein           

Complete protein

1. Lima beans 2, egg white 3. Steak 4. Whole wheat crackers.

8. Which of the following amino acid is low in rice but high in legumes?

A. Tryptophan

B. Lysine

C. Methionine

D. Isoleucine

9. The alpha helix and beta folded sheet are examples of a ______ structure of a protein

A. Primary structure

B. Secondary structure.

C. Tertiary structure

D. All the above

10. Individuals with phenylketonuria lack the enzyme to require to convert phenylalanine to which conditionally essential amino acid?

A. Tyrosine

B. Taurine

C. Tryptophan

D. Proline

11. Sickle cell anemia is caused by alterations in the primary structure of which of the following proteins?

A. Insulin

B. Glucagon

C. Hemoglobin

D. Cortisol

12. Which of the following food combinations is not an example of protein complementation?

A. Red beans and rice

B. Peanut butter and bread

C. Steak and eggs

D. All of the above are appropriate examples

13. If they have a balanced and adequate diet for their life stage, which of the following groups would be in positive nitrogen balance?

A. Preadolescent children

B. Patients recovering from invasive surgery

C. Infants and toddlers

D. All of the above would be in positive nitrogen balance

14. Which of the following roles does hydrochloric acid play in the process of protein digestion?

A. Denaturing proteins

B. Converting pepsinogen to pepsin

C. Reduce appetite

D.  A and B

15. The process by which cells produce mRNA and DNA is called ____

A. Cell signaling

B. Translation

C. Transcription

D. Chromosome

Reference no: EM13877

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