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Chapter 5 describes the five generic strategies originated by Michael Porter in 1980. Very few businesses pursue a single strategy; most use some combination, i.e. low-cost and differentiation. One thing that this week's case portrays nicely is the evolution of the industry that may be reaching a mature stage. As industries evolve, successful strategies must evolve as well. Chapter 8 continues these ideas by digging deeper into corporate strategy, and Chapter 10 provides insight into execution.

Activity Instructions

For this case response, address the following:

· Examine the various strategies that are used in the case you select.

· What primary strategies are they using and how has their success been?

· How do you think the industry's maturation is affecting the various strategies employed?

· What strategic changes might likely be necessary as the industry continues to mature?

All formal papers for this class require headers in proper APA format. For this assignment, headers should include (but are not limited to) the following:

· Strategies

· Success

· Industry Maturation

· Strategic Changes

· Recommendations

Case study assignments must use formal writing, third-person point of view only, use proper APA 6th edition format, include scholarly references and research and provide analysis, not simply definition type writing. The main focus needs to be answering the questions with well-reasoned, insightful analysis. A simple recitation of what is in the case or the text is not adequate. Feel free to make comparisons to other organizations.

Reference no: EM13864656

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