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As a continuation of the diversity training manual, you (as the new manager of human resources) should now create portions that specifically address gender issues and are targeted at training and raising the sensitivity of all supervisors regarding potential gender issues. It should include a section on how the supervisor should or should not handle certain gender-based workplace issues. For example, can the supervisor hand out work assignments that he or she feels are better suited to different genders? Can he or she write a job requirement that only one gender can meet, such as a strength requirement?

This section of the manual must, at a minimum, address the following information:

1: A few general facts about the U.S. population's gender mix and the gender mix found in notable segments of the workforce should be included. Make sure to include all sources of information.

2: The essence and applicability of the landmark Griggs v. Duke Power case dealing with stated job requirements should be addressed.

3: Describe how the supervisor should state minimum job requirements when he or she requests new employees to be hired into the department.

4: Explain how the supervisor might communicate to his or her department (of all male employees) when a female is about to become part of the work team.

Reference no: EM1331611

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