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Working with organizations to improve the interactions of members and increase productivity through collaborative behavior is an essential role of the organization development human resources specialist. You will need to pick an organization to use for this project. The organization you choose may be your current employer, or alternatively, an organization in which you volunteer or one about which you can easily find information through the school library, the Internet, or other sources.

Research and address the elements of organizational effectiveness that will improve interactions in a presentation for senior leaders:

  • Explain the concept of organizational effectiveness, as it relates to the interactions of members.
  • Describe methods used to assess the behaviors and attitudes of organizational members, and apply 1 model in an analysis of your organization.
  • Analyze methods used to improve the behavior and attitudes of organizational members.
  • Propose processes to build teams and manage their different stages of development.
  • Evaluate methods of managing conflict and change within the organization.

Reference no: EM13806867

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