Elaborate on the health effects of occupational noise

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Psycho social Hazards at workplace

(a) Name any five common psychosocial hazards

(b) What are the interrelationships between the psychosocial hazards?

(c) Name the factors affecting them

(d) Impact on the worker and the organisation

(e) What should be done to reduce the impact of psychosocial hazards on the worker and the organisation?


Carbon monoxide poisoning

(a) Sources of carbon monoxide in the poisoning of workers

(b) Routes of entry of the poison

(c) Mode of toxicity of carbon monoxide

(d) Main organs affected and main signs observed

(e) What measures should be taken to prevent/treat carbon monoxide poisoning among workers?


Occupational noise

(a) Name six types of occupation where workers are exposed to excessive noise

(b) Elaborate on the health effects of occupational noise

(c) What legal, technical and medical measures may be taken to prevent the ill effects of occupational noise?


Reference no: EM132298


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