Short-term and long term consequences

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1. Places that lead to Cultural Community are the Special Education that is included in regular classes. Also the first-year Hispanic student who speaks very limited English.

2. The reason for this is because when people begin to learn about how you were raised, if they cannot relate some may be think more of you or less of you.

3. The short-term consequences were that we were divided because certain individuals felt they were doing all the work and other person wasn't. The long-term consequences were that one teacher who was not certified was terminated, one teacher left education for another job and we hired a new teacher. The addition of the new hire was definitely good he turned out to be the ultimate team player.

4. The short-term and long term consequences were that we had exemplary scores on the TAKS test. I was also voted most consistent Department Head. This was because we came together and put students first. This was the 2011-2012 school year.

5. As a leader you may find yourself fixing things on a normal basis. You fix things because ultimately you are the leader and it is going to fall on your shoulder when things don't go as planned. You make sure that your department runs smooth so your department can be the spring board of what Cultural Community should be.

6. The Short-term and long term consequences are that we are like a family and our number one goal is to educate kids.

7. As I reflect I would not have did anything differently. There are always lessons to be learned by decisions that we make. If I make a decision I stand firm by my decision.


Reference no: EM131196

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