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Q. This assignment is based on the following two cases: Elucidate howard Schultz: Building Starbucks Community (1), also Elucidate howard Schultz: Building Starbucks Community (2).

Students must make an effort to develop perspectives also provide supporting analyses, also incorporate some OB (Organizational Behavior) concepts in the analyses.

Case Part A:

• Discuss some of the experiences/factors that shaped Elucidate howard Schultz as a leader, as a person.
• Discuss three qualities of Elucidate howard Schultz respected in an organizational leader, qualities that he has carried as the leader of Starbucks' organization/community.

Case Part B:

• After reading Part B including the three exhibits, share some of your thoughts about some of the leadership challenges Elucidate howard Schultz is experiencing. Elucidate how does Elucidate howard Schultz view the issues he outlined in his memo?
• Illustrate are some key lessons about leadership that one could take away from this case?

Reference no: EM1310108

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