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Big Data Analytics, discuss the Types of Data Repositories that are connected to Predictive Analytics and explain the key predictive analyst roles that are used to support your findings.

Reference no: EM132014815


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Chemistry Questions & Answers

  Explain balance the ionic lewis structures

Balance the following ionic Lewis structures by placing the appropriate coefficients. Leave a target blank to indicate the absence of a coefficient

  Calculate the root mean square speed and its average

calculate the root mean square speed and its average kinetic energy per molecule of nitrogen and water vapor.a

  Explain ethylbenzene and i-propylbenzene

Predict the order of polymer molecular weight obtainable (highest to lowest) by the free radical solution polymerization of styrene in benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, i-propylbenzene, and t-butylbenzene

  Find out the formula of thehydrate

XH2O is heated and the mass of water lost is 1.42 g. Determine the formula of thehydrate.

  Explain what is the ph of aqueous solution

Explain what is the pH of 355.0mL of an aqueous solution containing 0.607 g of the strong acid trifluoromethane sulfuric acid(CF3SO3H)

  Explain what is the value of the rate constant at 43oc

A reaction has a first order rate constant of 4.31x10-5 s-1 at 25oC and 0.00111 s-1 at 65oC. What is the value of the rate constant at 43oC

  State using the michaelis-menten model the reasonsing

Explain using the Michaelis-Menten model the reasonsing behind the net effect of an irreversible inhibitor on the enzyme's substrate affinity and rate of product formation?

  Trade balance and still have an appreciating currency

Under what conditions could a country have a sizable deficit in its trade balance and still have an appreciating currency?

  Explain the ph of a solution prepared by mixing

What is the pH of a solution prepared by mixing 100 ml of 0.0500 M HCL with 300ml of 0.500 M HF? Ka(HF) = 7.1 x 10^-4

  What is the molarity

A sample of NAOH weighing 0.38g is dissolved in water and the solution is made to 50.0 cm3 in a vol- what is the molarity?

  What is the pressure in the flask

The lid is tightly sealed on a rigid flask containing 3.50 L H2 at 17 °C and 0.913 atm. If the flask is heated to 71 °C, what is the pressure in the flask?

  What is the final volume of the gas

A 36.4 l volume of methane gas is heated from 15 degrees C to 98 degrees C at constant pressure. what is the final volume of the gas?

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