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2) Kirkland conveyed a farm to Sandler to have as well as to hold for and during his life and on Sandler's death to Rubin. Some years thereafter oil was discovered in the vicinity. Sandler thereupon made an oil and gas lease as well as the oil company set up its machinery to begin drilling operations. Rubin then filed suit to enjoin the operations. Presumptuous an injunction to be the proper form of remedy what is the decision? Please discuss.

3) Smith owned Blackacre in fee modest absolute. In section 3 of a properly executed will Smith devised Blackacre as follows "I devise my farm Blackacre to my son Darwin so long as it is used as a farm." Section 5 and 6 of the will made gifts to persons other than Darwin. The last clause of Smith's will provided- "All the remainder of my real as well as personal property not disposed of heretofore in this will, I devise and bequeath to the University of California, Berkeley." Smith died in 1999 survived by her son Darwin. Smith's estate has been administered. Darwin has been offered $100,000 for Blackacre if he can convey title to it in fee simple. What interests in Blackacre were formed by Smith's will? Please discuss.

Reference no: EM136157

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