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  1. What are the characteristics of a flat world, a term used by Thomas Friedman to describe today's business environment? What challenges do they pose? How can you prepare to manage in a flat world?
  2. Would the task environment for a cellular phone provider contain the same elements as that for a government welfare agency? Discuss.
  3. What strategic issues have the potential to create environmental uncertainty in the following four industries:(a)automobile; (b) social media; (c) newspaper; and (d) medical services?
  4. Contemporary best-selling management books often argue that customers are the most important element in the external environment. Do you agree? In what company situations might this statement be untrue?
  5. Why do you think many managers are surprised by environmental changes and hence are less able to help their organizations adapt?
  6. Why are interorganizational partnerships so important for today's companies? What elements in the current environment might contribute to either an increase or a decrease in interorganizational collaboration? Discuss.
  7. Consider the factors that influence environmental uncertainty (rate of change in factors and number of factors in the environment) that are presented in Exhibit 3.4. Classify each of the following organizations as operating in either (a) a low-uncertainty environment or (b) a high-uncertainty environment: Hyundai, Facebook, a local Subway franchise, FedEx, a cattle ranch in Oklahoma, and McDonald's. Explain your reasoning.
  8. Cultural symbols are usually noticed through sight, sound, touch, and smell. For example, Costco displays a limited amount of low-priced merchandise in a no-frills, self-service warehouse with concrete floors. What do these elements communicate as symbols about its corporate culture?

Reference no: EM13105826

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