Different types of audits that can be performed

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What are the different types of audits that can be performed? Identify and briefly describe one...there are several so several students can respond to this question with a unique answer.

Reference no: EM1350960


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  Audit committee and assurance engagement

Show why each of the five areas specified by the audit committee may or may not be suitable for this assurance engagement.

  Ap/adms 4551 auditing: and other assurance services

Describe the five components of the definition of auditing. For each component, identify which aspects of the audit committee oversight audit fit the definition.

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Prepare a memo to the audit partner on the ‘state of the company's industry' and associated risk factors.

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Identify the principles of internal control. Give an example of each principle. Are there any limitations to a sound internal control system?

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Course:  AP/ADMS 4551 Auditing: and Other Assurance Services,  What is the auditor's responsibility for discovering this type of embezzlement.

  Internal control and audit sampling

You have discussed with the president of Vista Corporation several material weaknesses in internal control that have come to your attention during your audit.

  Tyco financial scandal

Discuss how internal control problems may have contributed to the failure of Tyco International. Describe these problems and their cause. What would you have done differently, if you had been in charge (be specific)?

  Control systems in nonprofit organizations

Control systems in nonprofit organizations will never be as highly developed as in profit-seeking organizations. Do you agree? Explain.

  Practice in validating proposal to leadership

You need provide a practice in validating your proposal to leadership. You gain experience in justifying change and expenditures in order to mitigate risk while validating your ideas.

  Prepare all journal entries necessary

Prepare all journal entries necessary

  Evaluation of internal control procedures

Assignment: Read the following case and explain one internal control procedure that would be helpful in this scenario.

  Managerial values influences-managerial behavior

What are the organizational implications when most managers have different or similar values?

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