Write a cholecystectomy audit report

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Write a Cholecystectomy Audit report

Methodology is the manner and method that was used in the collection of data. Data was collected through random selection of 100 cholecystectomy procedures performed at Curtin Hospital between 2010 and 2011. By subjecting the selected cases to the criterions, and carrying out thorough investigations through the health record dividers and notes such as anaesthetic notes, emergency department notes, pathology reports and inpatient progress notes were used to strengthen validity and reliability of the findings.

Report consists:

1. Expected verses Actual results

2. Patient characteristics and Age Distribution

3. Criteria Expected Actual Rate

4. Presentation of Acute and Chronic Cholecystitis

5.Clinical decision making process

6. Antibiotic prophylaxis protocol

7. The safety of the Cholecystectomy procedures

8. Fatality rate

9. Blood transfusions

10. Conduct studies into contemporary best practice cholecystectomy

11. Annual Audit

12. Inquiry into cholecystectomy safety Procedures

13. Implement new scheduling system

14. Dissemination of criteria audit results

Reference no: EM132107


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