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Sermon Paragraph Assignment

The Chapel of the Beatitudes, built 1939, tops the Mount of the Beatitudes, by tradition considered the site of Jesus of Nazareth's Sermon on the Mount, located at the north end of the Sea of Galilee.

On reading the Sermon, one might be tempted to compare the Sermon (directions on how to live for Christians) with the Ten Commandments of Moses (directions on how to live for the Hebrews).

Both instances also involved the climbing of a mountain. While there are sometimes problems using Wikipedia, the entry on the Sermon on the Mount has a very good explanation of the Sermon and the different interpretations of its meaning.

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Read the Sermon on the Mount (along with the document background information and the study questions) and answer the following question in a paragraph:

Citing specific evidence from the Sermon (not from the textbook), did the Sermon describe an ethical religion, i.e. a religion that required an individual to follow a code of moral behavior?

Your paragraph should be about one-half page in length, double-spaced with one-inch margins, font size 10 or 12; it should contain a concise topic sentence (sentence 1) that directly responds to the assigned question (no need to define terms or cite a dictionary), and you should use direct, quoted material to support your points.

Your last sentence should be a conclusion. You may consider sending a draft of your assignment to your instructor for feedback before submitting the assignment for a grade.

Reference no: EM131522923


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