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Heather Adams, production manager for a Colorado exercise equipment, needs to schedule an order for 50 UltimatSteppers, which are to be shipped in week 8. Subscripts indicate quantity required for each parent. Assume lot-for-lot ordering. Below is information about the steppers: Item Lead Time On- Hand Inventory Components Stepper 2 20 A(1),B(3),C(2) A 1 10 D(1),F(2) B 2 30 E(1),F(3) C 3 10 D(2),E(3) D 1 15 E 2 5 F 2 20 a) Develop a product structure for Heather b) Develop a time-phased structure c) Develop a net material requirements plan for F.

Reference no: EM13228808

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