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The marketing research proposal distills the essence of the project and serves as a contract between the researcher and management/client for the research project and deliverables. It covers all phases of the marketing research process: it defines the research problem/ opportunity, approach, and design; and determines how the data will be collected, analyzed, and reported. It provides an estimated cost and timeline/schedule for implementing the research project, as well as outline the staff and resources required/involved.

Develop a proposal for a qualitative and/ or quantitative primary research project for an organization of your choice. The proposal should cover the basic components itemized in the sample template. The research comprises two parts:

1)A written marketing research proposal as described(maximum 6 pages narrative format OR 10 slides .ppt format)

2) outlining the context for and an overview of your marketing research proposal.

Sample Template

-Title Page

-Executive Summary


-Problem Definition/Objective of the Research

-Approach to the Problem

-Research Design

-Field Work/ Data Collection

-Data Analysis


-Cost and Timing

-Researcher/Staff Bio


Reference no: EM13392991

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