Determine the surface area of a primary settling tank sized

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1.A fire has destroyed thousands of acres of forest. Seedlings have been planted in the area but are being destroyed by the local wildlife. Develop a way to reforest the region by preventing the wildlife from eating the seedlings

2.Determine the surface area of a primary settling tank sized to be handle a maximum hourly flow of 0.570 m3/s at an overflow rate of 60 m/day.If the effective tank depth is 3.0 m,what is the effective theoretical detention time?

3.Given a frictionless ?ow of water at 125.6 ft’/s in a long, horizontal, conical pipe, of diameter 2 ft at one end and 6 ft at the other. The pressure head at the smaller end is 18 ft of water. Find the velocities at the two ends and the pressure head at the larger end.

Reference no: EM13543450


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