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A plant has an effective capacity of 900 units per day and produces 600 units per day with its product mix; what is its efficiency?

Reference no: EM1336612

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Which will be executed had these names : How would I write down a shell script to locate executable files? This script takes a list of file names from the command line and determines which would be executed had these names been given as commands.
Explain how does the size this effect depend on the volume : Explain how is Brazil affected, explain how does the size of this effect depend on the volume of trade between Brazil and the United States.
Explain poulation growth and sum of annuities : Explain Poulation Growth and Sum of annuities and What would the population in 1990 have been if growth had continued in this same pattern
Comparative analysis of relationships : Discuss in detail the three contextual relationships between drug use and crime using examples from the newspapers, internet, or other professional or public journals.
Determine efficiency : A plant has an effective capacity of 900 units per day and produces 600 units per day with its product mix; determine its efficiency?
Which would substitute a string for a replacement : How would I write down a shell script, change-lines, which will substitute a string for a replacement string for each occurance of the string in files specified? The original file will be saved, with the similar filename with the.
Explain product in the marketing mix : Explain Product in the marketing mix and describe the key points of a good or service as it applies to the piece of the marketing mix
Find the expected output : Find  the expected output for a plant with a design capacity of 108 chairs per day.
Elucidate why the mp-p relation is deficient : Elucidate why the MP/P relation is deficient as the sole mechanism for determining the optimal level of resource.


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