Design and implement a c program and structure diagram for

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Design and implement a C++ program and structure diagram for the subsequent specification.

Show writing and calling functions, and the use of arrays, including arrays as function parameters and a two dimensional array. The assessment of your program will be based mainly on the following aspects:

- Source code compiles and links ("builds") without any errors or (significant) warnings.
- Source code is correctly formatted and adequately commented.
- Uses appropriate variable names and named constants, and uses from the cmath library.
- The basic function is correctly structured, including a program title.
- Function calls are made correctly.
- Arrays are used correctly.
- User input to the program is correctly validated.
- Program calculations are correct.
- Program title and user input are displayed.
- Circuit type is correctly calculated and displayed.
- The table of calculation results has a heading and is well formatted.

Write a program to calculate the component voltages for the following series resonant RLC circuit.

2112_Calculate the component voltages.png

The input voltage will be a step voltage that is 0 volt before time t = 0 and Vin volt after time t = 0. We will assume Vin is 10V.

Reference no: EM13347933


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