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Find the status of the given statement and give the explanation also.

1. The mean, median, and mode are the most common measures of dispersion (spread). _____(T/F)

2. Each set of data has four quartiles; they divide the ranked data into four equal quarters.
_____ (T/F)

3. The standard score (or z-score) identifies the position of a particular value of x has relative to the mean, measured in standard deviations. _____ (T/F)

4. For any distribution, the sum of the deviations from the mean equals zero. _____ (T/F)

5. In a data set, the mode will always be unique. _____ (T/F)

6. Correlation coefficients range between 0 and +1. _____ (T/F)

7. The line of best fit is used to predict the average value of y that can be expected to occur at a given value of x. _____ (T/F)

Reference no: EM1320075

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