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The Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau just released a report on the percentage of available hotel rooms in Fulton County that were rented (occupied) in 2003. Looking over the report you note that room occupancy in March of 2003 was 77.6% (total rooms available is 14,800) and in December of 2003 it was 55.5% (of the 14,600 available rooms). Being of an inquisitive mind and wishing to impress your current statistics instructor, you determine to figure if there is a significant difference in the two occupancy rates - that is, must something other than statistical error and normal chance be impacting the number of people staying at local hotels in March over that in December.

Then you show this information to a friend of yours who does market research for an advertising agency. He responds that it is impossible to know without knowing means and standard deviations. But, you still wonder if there is a way.

1. Can it be done? Yes ______ No ______

2. If yes, how would you do it? What statistical method would you use? Name the statistical method (equation) and explain why. Then, set up the Ho and H1.

Reference no: EM13113289

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