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Course Project Deliverable 1

• Create communication plan-discuss the types of meetings that would be needed

Step 1: Using the Communication Plan template linked below and listed under the templates section of the Course Project module, identify the types of meetings that will need to take place for this project.

Complete the communication plan. Write a one-page essay to describe, in your own words, the communication plan, and why it is important for this project.

Course Project Deliverables 2

• Effective meetings essay and a meeting agenda for a status or progress meeting with your team

Please provide these two deliverables (MS Word documents).

Step 2:

Write a one to two-page essay on what you will do as the project manager to hold an effective progress meeting with your team members.

Include your approach to prepare for the meeting, describe what you will do during the meeting, and the actions you will take after the meeting.

In addition, provide a one-page sample meeting agenda that you will use during this progress report meeting.

Remember, the essay report must be to a level of clarity and depth that would be readily understood by the executive management.

Do support your analysis with both in-text citation and references from the textbook, The PMBOK® Guide or other juried sources.

Include a cover sheet and a reference page. Use APA style format, double space, one-inch margins, Times New Roman, and 12 point font size.

Reference no: EM132013322


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