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Describe a contemporary public health or health care issue where statutory or regulatory change is needed to bring about sustainable improvement or resolution of the problem. This paper builds on your earlier policy issues paper assignment and discussion boards, and follows through with recommendations for change.Through this paper, you will gain experience in taking an issue well beyond identification to making recommendations for sustainable solutions.You will analyze populations that are affected before and after the change, and consider the degree of positive and negative disruption that your recommendations will cause, the barriers to implementation, and potential unintended consequences, both positive and negative.Occasionally, youmay be asked by the instructor to write on a different issue than your Bulleted Policy Issue Paper. This occurs only if the issue or subpopulation you chose did not meet the criteria outlined in the assignment instructions.

Paper Description:

This paper will be written in 2phases. The Policy Recommendation Outline is the traditional roman numeral outline with in-text citations for the final paper, while the Bulleted Policy Recommendation Paper is the final bulleted paper.As in the Policy Issue Paper in Module/Week2, this paper is short (1000-1200 words) and mustbe written in bullets.You may use a few additional sentences when necessary to expand upon or explain the primary bullet, but the paper mustbe made up of bullets, not paragraphs.Think short and be concise.Present your argument, justify it with 2-4sub-bullets and a small amount of additional material where necessary, and then move on to your next point.Use Times New Roman 12 pt font with 1" margins, and doublespace between primary bullets.

Your audience for this Policy Recommendation Paper is a policy maker or legislator who is even busierthan before!Limit the paper to a 3-4-page summary of the issue.This is not a paper to be published in a journal; it is a paper that will lead to policy change in its final form.The key to writing this succinct paper is clarity of thought and a clear flow of argument.You should be able to look at only your primary bullet sentences and understand the argument from there.If you cannot, then you need to go back and work on your outline.Any additional time spent on sub-bullets and additional information will be wasted, as you will have to go back and change it once you get the outline correct. See the document "How to Write a Bulleted Paper" and the sample papers in the Assignment Instructionsfolder.


Write a traditional roman numeral outline for this paper, along with sub-headings for the main points of your argument.The outline musthave the following sections: Background, Issues, Recommendations, Potential Unintended Consequences, and Ease of Implementation.Each section should be developed in outline form except for the last two sections. The last two sections do not have to be fully developed in the outline, but must be fully developed in the final paper.There is no word limit for the outline, but it mustsupport the 1000-1200 word final paper. The outline and final paper mustinclude scriptural support for reasons the problem exists, where applicable, and how improved application of scriptural principles will enhance the desired outcome.


Write the final bulleted paper with all 5sections fully developed as described above. Do not incorporate in-text citations from the outline assignment.You must incorporate any feedback provided by the instructor.The Potential Unintended Consequences section is to examine untended consequences of implementing your recommended changes, not the consequences of the current state of affairs or of doing nothing.The Ease of Implementation needs to address how hard or easy it will be to make the changes.Often while writing these two sections, you will identify modifications that you will want to make of your original recommendations to make them more sound.


On an additional page, and not to be counted in the word count, provide at least 5 references in current AMA format. The assigned readings or the Scripture DO NOT COUNT toward these 5 references.


The goal of this project is to evaluate a current environmental health issue, discuss the control and/or mitigation measures currently employed, and recommend methods to improve public health policy or practice for that issue. This required research paper project is a15-page (approximately 4,500 words)document thatmust be double-spaced. Each student must choose a different topic. Therefore, before you submit your topic, look over your classmates' subrmissions to be sure it has not been selected. It is first-come, first-served on topic selection.

Population Growth in Underdeveloped Nations

Your paper must be well documented using current AMA format.You are required to use at least 10 professional, peer-reviewed,scholarly sourcesin the reference page of your paper. Avoid using newspapers, lay magazines, and fact sheets. Articles from non-professional sources will not earn credit. A Medline search is a great way to locate acceptable information. The American Journal of Public Health, New England Journal of Medicine, The American Journal of Preventive Medicine, and similar publications are excellent sources. Start early to allow adequate time to find appropriate materials. You must support your opinions with data from the scientific literature. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in automatic failure of the course.

The paper must include the following:

1. Title page with title of paper, your name/ID, date, and course/section (HLTH 505.xx). This page does not count toward the 15-pagelength requirement.

2. Abstract - Provide a short summary of the content of the paper (less than 100 words).

3. Introduction - Describe the nature and scope of problem/issue.

4. Background - Include a review of past policies and practices, both successful and unsuccessful.

5. Current research efforts - Discuss what potential future develoments are being researched. Remember that the project is to be about a current issue using recent research.If nothing has been published in recent years, it may not be as relevant as it may appear on the surface.

6. Discussions- This is the heart of the paper. Thoroughly evaluate the material you have researched. Discuss the pros and cons of various approaches. Analyze the available statistical measures provided by the researchers. Reveal the shortcomings and highlight the merits of the literature.

7. Recommendations- This is where your opinions are given. Opinionsmust be guided by logicand an understanding of the science gained from your research,be void of emotional language, andbe in agreement with biblical truth. A scientifically valid opinion must not violate Scripture or biblical morality.

8. References - Full bibliography of sources used. This page does not count toward the 15-page length requirement.

Reference no: EM131069464

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