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During the early weeks of this unit, you have gained a strong understanding of the UK retail sector and its development and evolution. Due to the economic development of the UK retail sector, it is generally regarded to be among the most developed globally.

Taking a large UK grocery retailer - critically assess its growth and development in the UK market and conduct a contemporary market appraisal. In this report, you should discuss the evolution of the grocery sector in the UK and the relative positioning of the target retailer within it. This section of the report should critically discuss the key developments in the retail sector and provide a clear assessment of the market's current retail structure.

Following on from this market analysis and continuing to focus on the same retailer, critically appraise the role of international expansion in this retailer's recent (past 5 years) and future (next 5 years) development. Through the use of theoretical underpinning and a comprehensive analysis of international macro-economic indicators, identify and justify a logical new market for the retailer to expand into.

Throughout the report, you should seek to apply published academic literature and models to help inform your discussion and provide underpinning to the arguments you are presenting. All use of secondary materials should be correctly referenced using the BU Harvard system of referencing. This assignment assesses all Learning Outcomes of the unit as outlined below:

1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the commercial and environmental forces which are shaping retailing in the UK;

2. Demonstrate clear understanding of the evolutionary development to the structure of the retail industry and the adoption of different retail formats over time;

3. Demonstrate a strong critical understanding of retailing trends and key considerations in the commercial environment and of the key elements of retail management;

4. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the commercial and environmental forces which are shaping international retailing;

5. Critically evaluate the theoretical parameters within which international retailing is understood and analyse and recommend business developmental opportunities;

6. Assess, communicate and report upon international retail market opportunities in relation to both commercial and ethical/cultural dimensions of their operation.

Reference no: EM132014171



6/9/2018 7:47:08 AM

Subject knowledge and understanding - The sections of the report are coherently and appropriately sequenced, demonstrating a sound working understanding of the important issues in the retail market. Key developments are effectively explained and logical forward looking analysis provided. Logical and clear analysis of the information introduced. Ability to provide a depth of critical analysis that is underpinned by industry/news based and academic sources. The report has been pulled together to provide a stimulating assessment which highlights the main areas for consideration. Ability to source appropriate information sources to support effective analysis.


6/9/2018 7:47:02 AM

The report is professionally presented and supported by appropriate supporting data. Significant marks will be lost if information is not correctly referenced. The work demonstrates an exceptional in-depth knowledge across specialised and applied areas. There is clear evidence of very extensive independent study and thinking. The work is informed by the forefront of theoretical understanding in this field of study. Shows considerable mastery of facts and concepts. The work demonstrates an outstanding ability to deal with complexity, contradictions and incomplete information. Independent critical analysis of current research/knowledge and cogently argued alternative approaches are present. Confident and independent assessment, with clear justifications, effective synthesis and sound judgement, is demonstrated.


6/9/2018 7:46:57 AM

The work demonstrates independent synthesis of information and ideas to create new insights or original responses to problems that may expand or redefine existing knowledge and/or develop new approaches to unpredictable situations. The work demonstrates clear ability to undertake further specialist research and make significant contributions to the subject. Outstanding problem solving skills. The work is effectively communicated to specialist and non-specialist audiences. The work is tightly structured, highly stimulating, and contains rigorous arguments that are likely to be at the upper limits of what is expected at this level.

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