Delphian oracle meant by the wooden wall in its prophecy

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1. What did Themistocles say that the Delphian Oracle meant by the "wooden wall" in its prophecy?

The wooden wall of the Acropolis fortress.

The Athenian navy.

A woods around Athens, which sheltered the city.

The spears of the Athenian military.

2. What dicision, advocated by Pericles, would lead to the downfall of Athens?

The sale of the Athenian navy to generate funds to build the Parthenon.

An attack against the fledgling Romans in the West.

War with Sparta.

An invasion of the Persian Empire.

3. After their loss, who did Athens blame and execute for "corrupting the moral character" of the city and the city's youth?





Reference no: EM13239297


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